Thursday, November 06, 2008

post halloween & election....

Thank goodness the election is over. I am so ecstatic that Obama won. I think he is the breath of fresh air that this country needs. This whole election has been a pretty happy process around my household (we are all Obama supporters) but I have been very upset by comments my daughter has been picking up at school. For weeks now, practically every evening I hear..."Samuel says..." and then the sentence ends with something inappropriate or completely derogatory against Barack Obama.

The final straw came on election night. We were waiting to drop off my ballot & I heard "Samuel says...". I rolled my eyes but listened anyway. "Samuel says that if Obama wins all unborn babies will be killed". I stopped the car & said "what did you say?" She repeated the sentence again. At that moment a billion things raced through my mind. First & foremost, how do I explain that statement to a 7 year old without getting into what abortion means, especially when she is already too young for "the talk". And secondly, how irresponsible can some parents be! I wanted to smack Samuel's dad upside the head! Now, I have no idea if this was something Samuel heard his dad say, or if it was said directly to Samuel, but either way...get some responsibility!

So, what could I do? All I said was Obama stands for change & Samuel is wrong. I left it at that and went on to another topic, but I did write a note to my daughters teacher today :) Hopefully, we won't be hearing any more "Samuel says..." in the future.

As for went great. My little girl dressed as Hannah Montana & had a great time for most of the night. Halfway through trick or treating her cousin accidentally pulled her wig off. Even though we got it fixed, little miss diva was ready to go home.

This Halloween was especially good because my daughter & I designed the costume together.
She told me exactly what she wanted to wear & I went about making all of her requests. I made the skirt, fingerless gloves, scarf & headband. Everything else we already had on hand. And yes, those are her real fingernails!
I was so proud of her! She went against the store bought norm & really got into putting it all together. We had a great mother/daughter week & the total price...less than $10 (made my husbands heart go pitter-patter!)
All in all, a fairly good week.
Ok, that is enough for today...


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