Thursday, January 08, 2009

forever & ever since a post...

Here is the wrap-up since the last post:

Thanksgiving was very good. Normal family meal, but very fun time.

Christmas was way too much snow!! we got snowed in for 2 weeks & my daughter missed a couple days d/t school closure. I did have to laugh because Portland just shuts down when it snows. Nothing was open, the roads were empty of cars, and no one was going anywhere. It was very peaceful.

I stayed home for 2 1/2 weeks (2 weeks of vacation & 1/2 week d/t snow) and I couldn't wait to get back to work last Monday. I also was ready to send my daughter back to school! I love her dearly, but she was driving me nuts.

We did however have a very beautiful Christmas. A white Christmas was something we only wished for in the, as I found out, I will never wish for it again!

New Years Eve was hanging out with a few friends, nothing crazy. We did pop some champagne at midnight....I was the only one that enjoyed that though :) New Years Day was mom & dad's house.

Now it is on to my birthday! My husband took me shopping yesterday & I was able to pick out 2 of my presents. I bought enough yarn & notions to make the Cable Lux Tunic from Lionbrand & started that last night. Today I joined the Cable Lux KAL.

I made 2 resolutions for this year. #1 to actually complete a sweater & #2 to not buy any new yarn & only work from my stash! I am trying to fulfill #1 with the yarn I got yesterday & decided that gifted yarn & shop hop yarn doesn't count for #2! There are exceptions to everything!

My husband also bought me a new game for my DS (DS was a Christmas present from my mom & dad).

The only thing that slightly marred this holiday season was that we lost a beloved great aunt, Mildred "Mickey" Wilson. Actually I think she might be a great aunt X3 or maybe X4! Anyway, She was one of my favorites. She ran an antique store outside of Lincoln City, OR & we always stopped there on the way to the beach. For many years my family would go to the beach every weekend, and we always chatted with Mickey & her husband Snooker. The Oregon Coast will always remind me of Mickey!

She is also very special to me & my husband because we spent our honeymoon at the beach house that she was the caretaker of. She gave the week to us as a wedding present and not only had the house all ready, but stocked the refrigerator. My husband had never been to the Oregon Coast, so that was one of the best gifts that we could have received.

I will miss her very much, but I know she is in a better place now and as she told us...she was ready to go to the next stage. Her Memorial service is this Saturday.

That is all for the updates for now. I will try to post some snow pics tonight.

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