Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm back :)

Damn...I just wrote out a super long catch up and it all disappeared!! Ok...let's try this again...

I have not been lost...I have been on vacation. Vacation was great. Lots of rest and relaxation. I did get a lot done and had tons of fun with my daughter.

Ragnarak was the Saturday before last (lots of fun...Andy you missed it). Sunday was free time (Amelia with gramma), we got Amelia's passport on Monday (she wants her license now!!), went to Laurelhurst park on tuesday (parks are great for kids in the summer) then I spent the rest of the week working on projects. This last weekend was a birthday party on Saturday & more free time on Sunday. So that was the summary of my vacation :)

As for the projects:

1. Cable Knit wool sweater (half done)
2. Magic Stripes socks (1 sock 3/4 done)
2. Varigated blue baby blanket (3/4 done)
3. Pincushion for gramma (very frustrating...set aside for the moment)
4. Doily to match pincushion for gramma (1 of the 7 hexagons done - not sure if I will finish)
5. Outfit for Amelia (Sewn - done...very cute)
6. Hello Kitty rag quilt (Sewn - done)
7. 2 dresses for Amelia (Sewn - 1 waiting to be started, 1 changed to pants outfit - done)
8. scrap quilt (squares done...1 of 5 rows done)

That's about all for now...


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