Monday, July 11, 2005

I had a wonderful weekend!!

Mom & I went shopping on Saturday and since mom loves me so much :) I got lots of stuff! Let's see...pair of shorts, tank top, fabric fat packs (for a project), a Hello Kitty rag quilt set (to sew) and of course lots of clothes for Amelia. Not only was the shopping way cool, but Amelia & I just love hanging out with mom. It's odd (but in a good way) when I realize that my mom is my best friend. I would have gone shopping with her wether I got stuff or not, but it is always fun to get stuff :)

Sunday was church then Amelia did her traditional "stay all afternoon with gramma & make a cake for grampa" day. This little tradition started a couple months ago and I love it! Not only does Amelia have a wonderful time with her gramma but I get an afternoon to myself. I worked on projects, cleaned house (needed to be done), and watched TV (my choice) while eating lunch (very important because this never happens).

All in all it was a great weekend, quick but great.

Today has been so-so. I ran into a minor glitch this morning when I realized that my passport still has my maiden name on it. My husband is freaking out! So far it looks like I'll be fine as long as I have our marriage license with us when we travel. Hopefully all will be well :)

As for my current craft count (to remind myself):

1. Cable Knit wool sweater (half done)
2. Magic Stripes socks (1 sock half done)
2. Varigated blue baby blanket (3/4 done)
3. Pincushion for gramma (crochet done but sewing hasn't been started yet)
4. Doily to match pincushion for gramma (1 of the 7 hexagons done)
5. Outfit for Amelia (Sewn - Top is done, shorts are half done)
6. Hello Kitty rag quilt (Sewn - waiting to be started)
7. 2 dresses for Amelia (Sewn - waiting to be started)

I think I'm starting to see a pattern here...I gotta stop getting things half done. Oh well...

That's about all...hope everyone's Monday is going well :)


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Micky said...

Look at it this way, half done is almost done!