Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I am currently working on updating some links. I realized that I hadn't really checked all my links in a while...so if you check them out you'll see some changes.

One of the better changes:

Tombstone!! When I lived in Korea, Tombstone was my first & only hangout. I loved that bar. I met most of my friends there, we had many parties there and Dylan & I had our post-reception party & going away party in that bar.

Not only have I always loved Tombstone, but now it is owned by 2 of my expat friends & their significant others. The changes they have made look pretty good & when my husband visited last October, he said that he loved the new & improved Tombstone.

I am so excited to go to Korea in October. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that nothing falls through and we will be able to go without any problems!

Ok that's all for now folks....


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