Friday, November 19, 2004

For a bit of levity try...

To assist in keeping you sane during those long Friday afternoons here are a couple of things that keep me entertained...

To read some odd snippets try The Odd Blog
Need a good laugh try Monty Python Online
Just really bored try Bored.Com
Love taking tests try Tickle
Just want some free stuff try Freebies 2 go

Have a wonderful day & stay happy!



Anonymous said...


I really liked the movie quote ("The fog's getting thicker, and Leon's getting larger!"). I know what movie it's from, do you?


Barb said...

I'm thinking...I give up! What movie?

Barb said...

According to my he right?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was 'Airplane'! A great movie that has it's best parts cut out for broadcast tv.

My favorite scene is Robert Stack making his way through the airport. Everytime some hippy slows him down by asking for a donation...WHAM!...the only proper response to hippies