Friday, November 21, 2003

To clarify my point...

There was a comment made that I was believing all the media hype. Actually that is not the case. The point that I was trying to make, and apparently I did it badly, was that this whole Michael Jackson affair makes me sick.

If he is innocent of all the claims: It makes me sick that anyone would put their child through the humiliation and stress of a public scandal to increase their bank account. If this is about money, that child should be put in protective custody and the parents should never be allowed near that child again for exploiting an innocent little boy. Anyone who would pimp out their child should rot in a cell.

If he is guilty of all the claims: It makes me sick that a celebrity would use their status in society to exploit an innocent child for their own personal gain and he should rot in a cell.

So as I tried to point out, even though I apparently did it poorly, whoever is guilty needs to pay. This shouldn't be a game, publicity circus or career maker....Unfortunately it will probably be all three.

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