Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Writing again...feels good!

I have been working on my book and it feels great. Not only am I reliving some of my experiences there but it helps to clear up some of the homesickness I have been feeling for my life there. I thought I would share a small sample here and see what you all think. So here goes...

This is a section in the middle of chapter one where I am trying to find a new job in any field but the field I was currently working in.

I went back to circling jobs with a lighter heart and a smile on my face. I turned to page two and did a quick scan. Unbeknownst to me I scanned right over the ad that would change my life forever. As I examined the ads something caught my eye. I backed up to read one ad more in depth.

Teach English in Korea
Airfare & housing paid
Bachelor’s degree required

That's all there was, only those three sentences with a number to contact. Even though I kept circling ads, "Teach English in Korea" kept circling my subconscious. I closed the unemployment section on the last page and sat thinking. "Teach English in Korea" I heard again in my mind. I turned the paper over and opened to page two again.

There it was "Teach English in Korea", four little words that kept reverberating back to me. My palms became slick with sweat, my heart raced, I coughed once to clear my throat. Could it be? Could this be what I have been looking for? Even though I felt like passing out, I picked up the phone and dialed the number on the ad. I left a highly unintelligent, stuttering message barely remembering to include my contact number, but I did it. I sat back and took a deep breath. The phone was still in my hand and my knuckles had gone white, but I had done it.

As my mind raced with possibilities, the fear crept in. I had never left home on my own. I had only lived outside my parents house a few times before, and each time I had come back home licking my wounds waiting for my mom to take care of everything. If I left I would be completely on my own, no calling home for money, no stopping by for food, and especially no help when I got myself stuck. But the one thought that almost made me pass out was "How could I go halfway around the world to teach English?” I work in the healthcare field. What do I know about teaching or even English for that matter? I mean, Yes I can speak English, and I had always gotten A's on my literature papers but that was after my uncle had gone through with a red pen and corrected all my spelling and grammar mistakes. What the heck do I know about English anyway? Even as my mind raced with doubt, I willed myself to calm down. I had only left a message for goodness sake. I didn't make any commitments, and since I had left such an idiotic message the contact probably wouldn't even call me back. They would hear my message, realize I am an idiot and delete the message. I decided to put the matter out of my mind and tune back into the job that was currently paying my bills.

So that is all for now. It needs some rewrite and fleshing out, but it's a start.


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