Thursday, September 25, 2003

The coolest movie...

This weekend my husband and I had some time to girl went to her we decided to go see Pirates of the Caribbean , just to see what everyone has been raving about. We searched the paper and found out when our movie was playing, and thankfully it coincided with my mother's appointment. My husband and I have always loved movies, but usually with our schedules and our 2 year old, we never get to a theater. We watch movies on TV whenever we can (usually at midnight) but the thrill of sitting in a theater brings it's own romance to a flick.

We were so excited to be going out that we arrived 20 minutes early. After buying a popcorn and cola to share we settled into our seats. This last year our movie house had been remodeled. The seats were a rocking cushy sensation, so unlike those hard uncomfortable things of yesteryear. They now have a "20 minutes before the movie" TV sequence. It just cracked me up. Here people finally get out of their house to go the movie and what do they do...catch up on their TV, ok there is a bit of music stuff also, but what a life :)

Without giving anything away, I would have to say that Pirates of the Caribbean is the best movie I have seen in a long time. Johnny Depp is fantastic. He plays his character so well that you are sucked in from the beginning. I loved all the actors in the movie, but I was fascinated by Johnny Depp, I really believed he was the infamous Jack Sparrow! (just a bit of side-note trivia...the sparrow tattoo on his arm is real. He had it done many years ago for his son Jack. Coincidence or something else)

I remember watching 21 Jump Street and loving Johnny, then he made all those quirky little movies. Don Juan, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Benny & Joon, Edward Scissorhands...just to name a few of my favorites. He is one of the best actors of his time and so versatile. I just can't say enough good stuff about him, ahhh a pirates life for me!

Have a great weekend...hopefully I'll be able to write much sooner ;) TTFN

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