Saturday, September 20, 2003

cool thing

My daughter learned to say thank you today. It seems like just a small thing, but it's such an important word. In raising children you never realize all that you have to do to make them good kids. They have to learn all this stuff somewhere. Being a good role model can sometimes be hard, especially when you are just not up to it, but it is so important to little minds.

My uncle claims that I am not the nurturing type. When my daughter was a baby I loved holding her and being with her, but I'm not the mushy gushy kind of mother type, I couldn't wait for her to start exploring. Now that my daughter is 2 and starting to explore her world around her it has been a wonderful experience. I guess so far this is my favorite part of raising my daughter. Babies are cute, but toddlers are so interesting. They learn so many new things everyday and we as parents have to be the filters to their world. It's a hard job, but I am loving every minute of it. TTFN.

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