Monday, September 15, 2008

the whirlwind that is my life...

This last couple of weeks have been crazy. My lovely little girl turned 7! Yes, I am feeling older every day.

She, being the princess that she is, had 3 birthday celebrations. Her birthday party was on friday the 5th, but her daddy had to work until 11pm that we had a Korean dinner on daddy's day off (with presents of course). Then I allowed her to open one present on her actual birthday. And finally we had a big Hanna Montana Party on the Sunday after her birthday with all the bells & whistles a 7 year old princess deserves. I think she now has enough Hanna outfits to wear for at least a month without any repeats!! Thank God it is over!

This last weekend I went to the Portland Knit & Crochet show with my grandma & had a fabulous time. We shopped our little hearts out and I found out that grandma loves to spend other peoples money.

One cool thing that happened, involved my new favorite knitting person. During a needle felting demonstration, I stood next to Cat Bordhi, which just got my little knitting heart a pitter-pattering. The mobius cowl I have been obsessing over (and completed) was her pattern. I also heard that Lily Chin was in the house, but unfortunately missed her!

That is about all for this post...tonight, when I get home, I will update with some pics :)


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