Friday, May 19, 2006

You Know You Knit Too Much ...

Only some of these apply to me, but it cracked me up anyway...Thanks Lion Brand :)

1. ...when "just one more row" becomes the front or back, or sleeve before stopping. (Amelia can attest to this one)

2. ...when you rate desirability of family vacation spots on how many yarn shops are in the vicinity.

3. ...when you want to be buried with a knitting work in process in your hands, and extra yarn and needles in the casket, "just in case..." (that's a good idea!)

4. ...when every boy scout in the troop hides when you show up with a new pair of socks...

5. ...when your dog is depressed because HE used to be in your lap every night instead of your knitting project.

6. ...when you keep a list of movies where the characters knit.

7. ...when you crave yarn, not chocolate, when you are having a bad day.

8. ...when you've considered starting a support group called S.A.B.L.E. (Stash Accrued Beyond Life's Expectancy)

9. ...when you forget your lunch but remember your knitting project. (I've done that)

10. ...when your best friend takes a "dream of a lifetime" trip to New Zealand & the only thing you ask her when she returns is "How much yarn did you buy?"

11. ...when you remember new cities you've visited on vacation by the yarn that you bought there

12. ...when your husband complains about the knitting needles under your pillow.

13. ...when you have several totes, containing projects in various states of completion, scattered around the house so you can work on a project wherever you happen to be. (I have that!)

14. ...when you knit your noodles with your chopsticks at Panda Express. (never tried that, but it gives me idea)

15. ...when you put a cable stitch in your daughter's hair.

16. ...when you only have an hours worth of knitting to go before you finish your project so you decide to take it to work the next morning and knit it before anyone else arrives. ahhhh ... finished!

17. ...when you buy a movie DVD just so you can pause and focus on a knitted piece you want to recreate. (yeah I've done that!)

18. ...when there are no more audiobooks left at the library for you to listen to while you knit.

19. ...when you only watch movies on DVD because it's too dark to knit in the theater. (I need those knitting needles that light up) :)

20. ...when you look forward to getting sick enough to stay home from work so you can knit all day

21. ...when you choose your pets by how well their fur will knit up

22. ...when you start eyeballing your cat, mentally measuring her for your next sweater project.

23. ...when your husband carries a list of needed knitting needles in his wallet, in case he needs an idea for a quick gift. (Dylan needs to read this one!)

24. ...when you sign up to go to a really boring convention just so you can sit and knit during meetings.

25. ...when you don't take your "portable knitting" with you for cafeteria duty & all the kids want to know if your OK because you're NOT knitting!

26. ... when every store that sells yarn in your area knows you by NAME when you walk in.

27. ...when your husband offers to buy you steel-wool so you can knit him a Volkswagen. (not husband but my brother would do this if he thought of it!)

28. ...when you see the doctor about carpal tunnel of the thumb. She tells you to stop knitting so much because there's no such thing and you tell her you can't do that.

29. ...when your sister vacations at the beach you go to in the summer and finds a new yarn shop. She then tries to talk the owner into hiring you for the week you are there so you can afford your yarn habit.

30. ...when your husband mentions pearls and you accuse him of not being able to spell.

31. ...when instead of a coffee table in your living room you have a big blanket box stuffed to the brim with yarn,

32. ...when on the way to the Emergency Room you stop for yarn and needles because you know you'll be waiting for a minimum of three hours.

33. ...when you are sitting on the couch in the family room with your 5-year-old grandson when he asks, "Grandma, did you knit this couch?"

34. ...when hanging out in yarn stores or yarn departments is your idea of a fun evening out. (Yup it is!)

35. ...when people come over to take photographs of you knitting at rock concerts.

36. ...when you buy a larger purse just so you can always carry a project with you. (yes I have this)

37. ...when you have to have shoulder surgery due to repetitive motion injury from knitting and the first thing you do when the stitches heal is start a new project!

38. ...when you husband can no longer drift off on the couch in the evening, without the clicking of your knitting needles lulling him to sleep

39. ...when your friends come shopping for yarn at your house. (Belinda...)

40. ...when you switch to plastic needles even though you hate them so you can knit without the sound of "clicking" needles during meetings, concerts, and even Sunday School. :)

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