Saturday, February 25, 2006

Portland Children's Museum

Well Last week we ventured out to the children's museum. Amelia was sick all weekend but I figured since she was feeling better & medicine seemed to be helping and since we have had the plans for a month...well we went with it. Amelia had a great time & loved every minute of it... They had a traveling Sesame St exhibit going on which was fun for both the kids & adults! I loved it!

Our fun came crashing down on Tuesday. The babysitter called to tell me that Amelia's temp had shot up again & that she was tugging at her ear! I made a doctors appointment (lots of screaming ensued) then I find out that she has an ear infection. I felt terrible because I took her out in the cold but I made a judgement call. She seemed to be doing ok, but apparently it just made it worse.

But I shouldn't feel too bad since I have been paid back in full all week. She has been a miserable, irritable, terribly cranky...oh and whiney little kid! Not only did I have to deal with not sleeping, the crankiness but also trying to get medicine down her twice a day. She has spent more time in time-out this week than she has in the last six months! Thankfully she is feeling much better now and our house is finally getting back in order...I actually slept a full night last night!! That in itself was amazing & a first all week!!

So now I am ready for a lazy, do nothing weekend...I think I deserve it :)

Take care all


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