Monday, February 27, 2006

He didn't get it...

Last week was my dad's birthday. I was making him a crochet penguin but I didn't get it finished, so I decided to be funny and give him this letter instead:

Penguin Adoptions Inc
A subsidiary of BJK Enterprises
Anywhere USA

February 17, 2006

Mr. Tim XXXXXX (my dad hates when I use his full name on my blog)
Portland, OR XXXXX

Dear Mr. XXXXXX:
Thank you for your recent interest in Penguin Adoptions Inc. Unfortunately Mr. Penguin has a slight wing deformity and was not ready to be adopted on February 17th, 2006 (day of the party). We expect Mr. Penguin will only need a brief visit in our state of the art penguin infirmary, and we sincerely believe that Mr. Penguin should be ready for adoption by February 27th, 2006 (dad's birthday). We are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Mrs. Ima Procrastinator
CEO, PIC, Manager, Peon, etc
BJK Enterprises

Well my dad had no clue what was going on & was very frustrated by the letter. He thought I had adopted an actual penguin for him & I was waiting for the paperwork.

He was actually pretty upset by the whole thing. It was probably bad timing...he was going through some stuff and wasn't in the right mind frame to get the joke. My dad has a tendancy to do these kind of jokes to everyone in our family, so I thought he would laugh & appreciate the creative way I told him it wasn't finished & I procrastinated (which he says I always do). I guess it didn't help that everyone else was cracking up because they knew about the unfinished penguin.

I finally smoothed things over and he was ok with it all it the end. Even though the fun was sucked out of the whole thing, I did finish the penguin. I couldn't even finish it until the Sunday night before his birthday. I had bought myself a whole extra week to finish it but since the joke reception was so bad I couldn't even look at it. I almost said forget the whole thing, but thankfully I didn't because then he would have been really upset. I gave it to him yesterday and he liked it but it still all fell pretty flat. I did find a site that lets you support a penguin for a small fee. You get photos of the penguin, you name the penguin & get updates...Yeah I think I will be doing this :)

What I learned from all this: Timing is everything! & if you are going to make a crochet joke, include a piece of the crochet so that the person knows what is going on!



Anonymous said...

that was a sweet thing to do, even if your dad didn't get the joke.
-andy in korea

Barb said...


He still has it sitting next to his chair, so he seems to like it :)

Micky said...

It is cute! I thought it was hillarious.