Monday, May 16, 2005

If life imitates art...I'm really in trouble!!

The Sims Godlike experience is out of control. So here is what happened in my lunchtime playing...

I set up 3 characters husband, wife & child named after each member of my family. During game play I was asked if we wanted to adopt a baby...we did. The baby kept crying which of course makes the wife tired so the husband cooks breakfast. While the husband is cooking breakfast he sets the kitchen on fire then while extinguishing the fire he sets himself on fire. The wife trying to extinguish her husband gets set on fire as well. The child comes home from school to find 2 urns. The baby keeps crying. Social services take the baby away. The child, who now has no parents, doesn't go to school. The child’s grades drop and is sent off to military school. End of game.

It was a very interesting chain of events, but like I said if this imitates life...oh boy!!!


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Belinda said...

I was addicted to the Sims for awhile but now I have my journal and blog, plus my scrapbooking. It's crazy how much time I spend on all three of these things.