Friday, April 22, 2005

Pink Hat Attack...

My mother has finally convinced me to join her crazy mad hatters!

It all started when she was down south on vacation, she noticed these ladies all over town in red & purple hats & boas. They all seemed to be very close, giggling & having the time of their lives. My mom found out that these women belonged to their local Red Hat Chapter which was inspired by the poem "When I am an old woman...I shall wear purple" written by Jenny Joseph in 1961.

My mom fell in love with the idea and couldn't wait to hit 50 so that she too could be involved with the Red Hat Society. When my mom hit 50 the first thing she did was start her own Red Hat Chapter. She was giddy when she found out that you don't have to be 50 to be a Red Hatter. This meant that not only could I help her but it was another thing we could do together. The only requirement for anyone under 50 was that they had to wear pink & lavender rather than the normal uniform of red & purple.

What does it mean to be a Red Hat Gal? Well, we get together have tea, go on outings, basically just be wild & crazy, all the while enjoying the wisdom of age rather than being depressed because we are getting older....of course the whole time we are wearing our floppy brim hats & feather boas in red & purple (pink & lavender for us wild & crazy gals in training)!

I love the fact that I can do something with my mom, hang out with women who have the same hobbies & interests, and learn from the wisdom of others in a fun & casual atmosphere. Yes, I am wild about being a Pink Hatter!!


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Belinda said...

I get to partake in the Red Hat society with you too. That is going to be fun.