Monday, April 11, 2005

Matters of the Heart...

I had such a lovely weekend. My mother & I were graced with free tickets to Patti Lupone's "Matters of the Heart". We had no idea what to expect, as a matter of fact I thought we were going to a play! "Matters of the Heart" turned out to be a fabulous one woman musical by a Broadway legend. Patti Lupone has such a beautiful range & the comic wit that forces those “laugh out loud” embarrassing moments. My mom & I both enjoyed the show much more than we thought we would. Since I couldn't possibly put into words as well as some others can, here is what Bruce Weber of the New York Times said:

“. . . Ms. LuPone has generous and varied gifts as a singer. Her voice has the capability of bringing down a Broadway house, but she is largely in delicate mode here, the brass of her persona evident mostly when she sings about the wicked impulses of lust or the sly manipulations of courtship. She brings a nice touch of the bawdy to a suggestive lyric, as in Mr. Sondheim’s ‘I Never Do Anything Twice.’ And her experience as a stage actress, both dramatic and comic, enlivens a handful of conversational songs . . . When Ms. LuPone closes the evening with ‘Hello, Young Lovers’ and ‘My Best to You,’ it makes you want to hold someone’s hand.”

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