Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A little update...

Well my grandfather is doing much better. Yes, we were all shocked. My father drove to Boise because he thought his father was dying. They had only given him a 1% chance to live, but lo and behold the old man has a very strong will and has defied all the professionals. Apparently all the doctors & nurses are shaking their heads wondering how he could have survived. We are all pretty happy to say the least.

In other news...My daughter, myself & my father went to Pendleton, OR for the holiday weekend. Every Memorial day his family gets together for a small family reunion. We swam, stood next to a moving train, ate great food, visited, played on the tractors, toured the small towns, saw evidence of the Oregon Trail, and generally had a great time. But most of all, each of the great aunts & uncles were in good health, which is always the biggest blessing.

Rose Festival is coming! I have always loved the Rose Festival season. I have always attended as many events as possible during the season, but lately I haven't been able to attend as much as I would have liked to. Hopefully this year I will at least be able to attend the Grand Floral parade. I really think my daughter would have a great time.

That about wraps up my thoughts for today.


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