Thursday, May 20, 2004

So much has been going on...

For the last couple of days I have wanted to post so badly, but I wasn't sure what to say. So here is the rundown...My grandfather is sick and probably won't make it. My husband's aunt (who practically raised him) has passed away. My other grandparents are very sick and my daughter locked me out of the house.

Yes the last bit is to add the bit of levity. For anyone who has been reading this site knows that my daughter is 2 1/2 years old. I went out to have a quick smoke on the back porch and she came over and flipped the lock on the door. I'm not sure if she did it on purpose, but I do know that she freaked when I began to yell. I was so scared. I had dinner in the oven, which was almost done, and she was alone in the house. In that moment a dozen scenarios ran through my mind, all of them involving her being hurt. I pleaded with her to unlock the door, she sat on the couch and giggled. I really hope she thought it was a game rather than her being deliberately nasty.

I ran to the neighbor's house to call my mom for the extra keys. Then went back to stand outside the back door staring at my daughter. She had her feet propped up on the arm of the chair with her juice and blanket, watching cartoons. I tried to coax her over to the door but she wouldn't budge. I kept talking to her, all the while keeping an eye on the oven timer. Nothing was working. Finally the oven timer went off and my oh so adorable daughter sat up and exclaimed "dinner's ready!" I told her to open the door if she wanted dinner. She sauntered over and flipped the lock up.

As soon as I was in the house I started yelling. My daughter starting crying. My mother showed up. My daughter informed her gramma that mommy was mad at her, which I was. It took a bit but finally I was able to laugh about the situation. Of course I haven't heard the end of it from my family, but at least it added that bit of lightness in a very tense week.

5/21/04 Update: My grandfather will be taken off the ventilator today, and most likely won't make it. My other grandparents are feeling better. My husband is wearing his black arm band for his aunt (Korean tradition). My daughter hasn't gone near the back door since our little situation.


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