Monday, April 12, 2004


Yes, my darling little 2 year old flushed a washcloth down the toilet! She was enjoying her Easter Candy and got it everywhere, so I gave her a wash cloth to clean up. She cleaned everything up then handed me the washcloth. The ever so attentive parent that I am, who was trying to do laundry at the time, told her to go set it in the bathroom. The next thing I hear is a flush & the seat being dropped down. I ran into the bathroom, but it was gone. My lovely 2 year old grinned up at me and said "all gone"!

Moments like these I am never sure if I should yell or laugh my butt off. She was just so darn cute, but I pulled myself together, looked at her, pointed my finger and in my best stern MOM voice said "Washcloth's do not go down the toilet".

She grinned at me, turned around and went skipping down the hall. I know that somewhere deep down she understands that the stern MOM voice is for real. Oh well at least I felt better.

So far nothing is coming back up to haunt me :)

Hope Easter went well for you all out there. We had a lovely dinner with family and a very uplifting church service afterward. Except for the massive amount of chocolate in my house at the moment, all is well.


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