Monday, February 16, 2004

Time is closing in on us...

We have spent the last two weeks preparing for the big move. Did I ever mention how much I hate moving. The problem with moving is my husband is the mover and I am the packer. This plan usually sounds reasonable in the beginning...then I get so bogged down that I hate this arrangement. Packing sucks because you never really know what you absolutely can't live without, therefore not pack right away, and what is ok to pack because you really won't need it for the next couple of weeks. But then you get into the issue of...well if I don't need it for a few weeks or more, do I really need it at all. After that train of thought wheedles it's way into your head, you start throwing things away. Inevitably you always need those things that you threw away, but you are so frustrated that you just don't care anymore. Did I mention I hate packing :)

Not only am I packing but preparing the current house we live in for showing, working on my friends homepage, dealing with my uncle (who owns our current house), dealing with my husbands immigration (he finally got his permanent residency) and to top it all off preparing a letter so my step-mother-in-law can visit. Argh...I am going nuts, which you may have already guessed from the lack of installments. I have said before...sorry about the lack of posts. Will write when I get another break :)


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