Thursday, January 29, 2004

Inspection time...

Yesterday we had the inspection on the house. I had to laugh because the flyer mentioned a remodeled bathroom. When I previewed the house, I couldn't see where it had been remodeled. Yesterday during the inspection I got my answer.

My dad did the inspection for us. This way we saved money and if anything is wrong with the house he would be the one fixing it anyway. After coming up from the crawlspace, he was tickled when he told me that he found the remodeling that was done on the bathroom. Basically the floor had caved in and they had to redo the floor & plumbing. The bathroom was definitely remodeled out of necessity.

All other things looked good. I did find a bunch more stuff that I would like to redo. I think this is what happens when you know it is yours, you start to see the place more clearly. Appraisal next week.


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