Thursday, November 20, 2003

Wine & Sleeping pills???

Just when you think the story is a bit odd...It gets even odder! According to an article in Fox News, Jackson plied his victim with wine & sleeping pills. Ok?!?! As the story goes the alleged victim is a cancer survivor who's last wish was to meet Michael Jackson. Jackson helped the family with money, and items such as a car & possibly a house. Then the 12-year olds health improved and the abuse started. The article goes on to describe what may have taken place. It also states that Jackson, knowing the family was having problems with the "relationship", bought them passports and planned to ship them off to South America!

Amazing! I'm just so appalled by this whole situation. If even a fraction of any of this is true then Jackson needs to be put in a cell to rot. On one hand this may be another attempt to extract money from a celebrity, or on the other hand this may be a celebrity who thinks he can get away with anything because of his Godlike image of himself. Either way this whole situation makes me ill.

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