Monday, October 27, 2003

Darn it anyway :)

So I had this great blog entry on the non-existent recession...Somehow it got lost, and now I don't feel like writing it again. So on to the next...

Daylight savings time really messed me up. My daughter went to bed earlier (which was wonderful), but the flip side of that coin is that she got up super early (which was not so wonderful). I have such a hard time adjusting whenever we switch the clocks...It usually takes me about a week. I hate it. What is the point! I hate leaving work at 5pm and having to turn on my headlights...I hate trying to get me and my daughter into the house when I can't see a thing! I wanna live in Arizona!!

As for the holiday whatnot...So I am going down the isle at target looking for something for my daughter. We already have her costume (10 bucks...I did so good), she is going to be a pixie and she loves it! The first night I could barely get the costume off of her. Anyway so I am looking for a fairy wand for her and lo and behold most of the Halloween stuff is going on clearance and the Christmas stuff is taking over the isles!! Come on people Halloween isn't even over yet! In my household we never talked about thanksgiving until after Halloween...And you didn't watch, listen to, decorate anything to do with Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving!!

What has happened to us. When did we get in such a rush that we skipped over all the holidays. No wonder people get so depressed during the holidays. You have a three month build up to a one day event that may or may not be all you wished for!

SO rant done...TTFN

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