Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall Knitty...

Last week the Fall issue of Knitty was released & they have some fabulous patterns (like usual). I wanted to report on this the day it arrived, but like usual the site was too jam packed to check anything out. So here are my top 3 patterns that I have to make (in no particular order):

1. The OpArt blanket. OK no, I don't have any babies to knit for, but this is just a fabulous blanket! I want it for my house :)

2. The Maple messanger bag. If anyone knows me, then they know that I love, love, love purses & bags. Most of the patterns I buy tend to gravitate towards bags...so yes, this is in my top 3 :)

3. The Twist & Shout sweater. I have never finished a sweater (I know the shame overwhelms me) but I get bored with sweaters. But if I ever get up the nerve to knit a sweater again, this will be one of the first patterns I will try.

Thank you Knitty for a wonderful Fall episode!

Oh, and to top everything off, to celebrate Knitty's 6th anniversary...we got a surprise! I love surprises....Knitty patterns are now going to be printer friendly!! This is probably the best news I have received all week.

As a side note, and totally off the topic but had to be said....to the Little Republican: Thank God we never talked politics this last July!


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