Thursday, August 07, 2008

My current project is doing me in but I'm OK with that...

Currently I am working on the Seascape Stole from and it is killing me!

Here is why it is killing me:

1. It is lace and I have never attempted lace.
2. I am working from a chart and I really dislike charts.
3. Lace is something you need to concentrate to work and I never have a quiet time to work.
4. The pattern recommended straight needles and straight needles are very cumbersome.

Here is why I keep going:

1. I am using Frog Tree Alpaca in a beautiful Lavender color and it is so soft & luxurious to work with!
2. I have never attempted lace & I love a challenge :)
3. The Seascape pattern is so beautiful!

So even though the negatives in numbers outweigh the positives, in weight the positives outweigh the negatives....

Therefore, I will keep going. It is making me crazy but I really love the pattern, I love the yarn and even though it is hard, I love doing lace!!

back to the grindstone...


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