Monday, July 28, 2008


I am back from vacation! My little family went on a driving trip to Idaho to see family. We are tired but very happy with our vacation. My daughter has decided that doing farm work is fun! I tried to explain that farm work isn't fun when it is chores, but she argued her point til my head was spinning.

Yes, she is a city girl!

We did get to visit a really nice knitting shop in Moscow, ID. The Needle Nook is definately a place to visit if you are ever in Moscow (Idaho that is). They had a really nice & reasonably priced yarn selection. The needle selection was a bit on the slim side, but good enough. They had excellent samples of many patterns & some really great patterns if you purchased the yarn that was used. My daughter thought the shop was good because they had a cat, but she decided in the end that the attached quilt shop was much better! :) My husband actually enjoyed the shop as well...ok it was a WIFI hot spot & he was able to play with his iPhone. Great shop all around.


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