Friday, January 13, 2006

A fun filled birthday...

This has been a pretty good week for me. Wednesday was my birthday, and it turned out to be a pretty good day :) I started the day off with breakfast at my favorite breakfast house...The Gateway Breakfast House. A small little diner with cheap, good, & very big breakfast dishes. I went to breakfast with my husband & daughter. My husband decided to take me to breakfast since he had to work the swing shift that day.

Then I hung out at the house for a while...

Mom took me to dinner when she got off work. We went to the Original Taco House. Not only did I get a great meal, but fried ice cream for dessert (complimentary!!).

That night my brother took me out to his favorite pub for drinking & darts. He complained that I only drank woosie drinks (rum & coke...even though he was having a pale beer!) and he complained that my darts went everywhere! He really complained when I turned away to watch the pool table next to me & threw the dart at the same time...he only complained because that shot won me the game!! :) Then he really got pissy when I let someone take our credits on the pinball machine (I wasn't paying attention). But all in all we did have fun. He complained, I laughed...all in all it was a fun birthday!

Now tonight is the family birthday party. Mom is making enchiladas & the whole family is coming over. Then after all the merriment, my dad, brother, future sister-in-law and myself are going to head out for more beer & darts!

Should be great!

So basically I had a great birthday and more to come tonight...that is all for me :)


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