Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back from vacation...

Vacation was pretty good...of course I didn't get nearly enough done, but I made a dent in the spring cleaning!

Thursday I spent half the day with my husband. It was great. We went to breakfast then did a little shopping. It was an interesting experience not having our daughter around (see last post). He went off to work, and then I worked on the house. I cleaned my daughter's pit of a room and it actually looks pretty good. I love cleaning when she's not there because I was able to pull out a bunch of old toys for the garage sale.

Friday I went shopping!! Big sale at Meier & Frank...I got an outfit for the wedding in Canada, a swimming suit, pair of jeans & a short/skirt. Spent too much, but saved over $150 (at least that was the line I used on my husband). I was happy, husband was ok. Then I spent the rest of the day pulling stuff out of the attic. Not a lot of fun but needed to be done.

Saturday & Sunday I participated in The Dalles area Relay for Life. I didn't sign up because I wasn't planning on participating. I only went to The Dalles to support my family members that were participating. My daughter & I ended up having such a great time and since my aunt (who is terminally ill) asked us to stay...we stayed. I ended up walking 25 laps (4 1/4 mile) which were 25 more than I planned, so I was happy...a little sore, but happy.

We camped at the track, participated in all the events, won the best decorated camp site, and shed a tear during the luminary ceremony. The Luminary ceremony was awesome; the track was luminated with bags (candles & sand in them) decorated with the names of those who have survived cancer and to remember those who have died from cancer. Then they read all the names. We had 5 family members on the list, 2 in honor (survivor) & 3 in memory (remembrance) so it was a very moving experience.

This year’s event raised $67,651.40 thus far, and donations are still coming in. It was a wonderful event & a great success. Our team alone raised over $3,000 and walked way too many laps!

All in all vacation was very good. Ok this post is too long already, so...


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