Thursday, May 26, 2005

Kindergarten update...

Yesterday my mom wrote insurance for a new client and on the occupation question she found out that the client is a kindergarten teacher in the Parkrose school district. Of course my mom started asking questions about her little princess and the school rules.

To put everyone’s minds at ease, she said that my daughter will be able to start kindergarten next year...if she is ready. All my daughter will have to do is have a quick interview to see if she is emotionally ready to start school. They don’t care so much about the alphabet or counting (even though she knows these things already), but the school cares about how shy or clingy she seems to be.

I know she will be ready, or at least I hope she will be. But no matter what, I'm not going to push her into anything.

If she gets held back a be it.

If she starts in the fall of!


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