Friday, May 07, 2004


I broke down and watched the Friends finale last night. Normally I watch Survivor and CSI on Thursday nights, but it was "the end of an era". "I know!"...sorry lapsed into episodic chatter.

I have watched Friends from the beginning. They got me through college, and renewed me when I was living in Korea. This last season I lost track of them, episodes started to bore me and Survivor took over their place in my viewing schedule.

But finale's you have to watch. I have to say that I was more impressed with the 1/2 hour revisit to the past than the finale itself. Everyone knew Ross & Rachel would get together, but I did think it would be in Paris...rather Emilyesque. I loved the new chick & duck. The poor foosball table! But my all time favorite was the twins. "but we only ordered one!"

I did feel a tad reminiscent when they ended with a scan of the empty apartment and the keys on the counter. That was good. I will miss the friends to a certain extent, but with syndication hell they will never be far away!

Good-bye Friends!

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