Friday, January 16, 2004

It never pays to procrastinate...

My husband & I found a house we really liked. It was cheap, needed some work but had a lot of living space. We hemmed, we hawed...We lost. We couldn't decide and when we finally got the gumption to make an offer, after 2 weeks of wishy-washyness, another offer had come in that was 15,000 over the asking price. We couldn't compete, so we lost.

But we start again. As my mother keeps telling me "as one door closes, another opens up". We are looking at three houses this weekend, hopefully one of them will be an open door and we can relax. I want my own home so bad I can taste it, but I also don't want to be stressed over money. Yes I know I will always be stressed over money, but how much do I really want to be stressed, normal or over the top. This is how I will make my final decision.

I'll let all my imaginary readers know how things turn out when the deed is done.


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